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If you have any questions now, please call us at 303-827-4837 or click here to schedule a private conversation with a knowledgeable “alcohol specialist.”  All of our staff are either medically trained or have experienced the throes of alcohol use disorder first-hand.  So they know what you’re going through and they can provide you with information that should be a huge relief to you.  We hope to speak with you soon!

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Why Can’t I Quit Drinking?

Go Sober is here to help you enjoy life free of alcohol. Go Sober integrates a medical protocol, behavior and lifestyle modification, and transitional support into one complete, out-patient alcohol treatment program. If you’re ready, you can start today!

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What’s Different About Go Sober?

Our program’s main difference is that our clients stop thinking about alcohol throughout their day. They are calmer, more present, less anxious, and more likely to make lasting behavioral changes that are necessary to avoid alcohol. Our goal is to help our clients move beyond drinking so they may rediscover their passions in life.

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