The Go Sober Story

How We Developed Our Medical Alcohol Treatment

Go Sober || Greg HoffmanGo Sober came from a personal need for an alcohol treatment that yielded better, long-term results. Go Sober’s founders, Greg Hoffman and Cathy Carter, worked with experts from the research community to identify various medical alcohol treatments using pharmaceuticals. One such protocol helped Greg experience immediate benefits in that his desire to drink simply went away. Greg quickly realized that medications were one of the key missing components to successful treatment programs.

Go Sober || Cathy CarterIt was also clear that medications alone were not sufficient for everyone. In order to sustain success there had to be fundamental behavioral health components involved as well. This combination of pharmacology and behavioral health components evolved into Go Sober, a multidisciplinary outpatient alcohol treatment program with a much higher probability for long-term successful outcomes.


Go Sober’s Client Commitment

Go Sober’s comprehensive medically-based alcohol treatment program represents state-of-the-art alcohol treatment based on the latest published research in neuroscience, genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology, and behavior science. We collaborate and consult with internationally renowned experts in the academic pursuit of best practices for treating alcohol use disorder. Go Sober’s ongoing commitment to quality, continuous process improvement and life-changing tools ensure that our clients receive the benefits of evolving research and our expanding knowledge base derived from treating our clients.