How the Go Sober Alcohol Treatment Program Works

The Go Sober alcohol treatment program is unlike any other. Our protocol is based on the premise that alcohol, over time, diminishes the brain’s reward response and that diminished reward response is the true failure mechanism causing repetitive, unwanted drinking.

We’ve spent years understanding the problem and working with top neuroscientists, medical professionals, mental-health experts, behavioral health experts, and addiction specialists to develop an exclusively outpatient alcohol treatment program that has a high probability of success. Our goal is simple and straightforward — to help you go sober forever.

Why Can’t I Quit Drinking?

It’s difficult to quit drinking because consuming alcohol over time diminishes the brain’s ability to feel pleasure. Specifically, alcohol reduces the brain’s ability to produce reward neurotransmitters like dopamine. When the brain gets low in dopamine it sends signals to replenish. Those signals trigger anxiety and anticipation. Most people are uncomfortable with anxiety so they want to reduce or eliminate it as soon as possible. Alcohol reduces anxiety almost immediately so the short-term solution is to consume it. The short-term need to reduce anxiety overrides the longer-term objective of sobriety.

The Go Sober Solution

Our solution is to restore the brain’s ability to produce dopamine naturally without alcohol. Our experience shows that certain medications can do this very quickly. Go Sober uses medications to restore the dopamine response and supplements that help maintain it. Additionally, we incorporate behavioral changes to trigger the normal production of dopamine on a regular basis. This eliminates deficits causing the anxiety that produces thoughts about alcohol. It’s much easier to not drink when not thinking about alcohol. If you’re ready to stop drinking for good, we can help. Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about Go Sober’s alcohol treatment program, and reset your life today!