Go Sober Reviews

Learn more about how we have helped more than 2,000 clients get their lives back with our medically-based program.

Dwight’s Story

Before he knew it, Dwight had been drinking daily for 30 years. He talks about how he tried to quit using AA, but that he was still thinking about drinking, which led to him drinking again after a year of going through AA. That’s why Go Sober’s multidisciplinary approach appealed to him. “It was a fresh, clinical, medical approach,” he notes. The comprehensiveness of the program “…touches every part of your life, your health, your diet, and exercise. The positive mentality that you get out of it, it allows you to just be a normal person again.”

Mike’s Story

After years of feeling sick every day, Mike was stuck in a hole that he felt he couldn’t climb out of. “Go Sober gave me a ladder, I still had to commit, and do my part but it made it possible for the first time.” In the middle of sharing his story, he suddenly realized that he had not been thinking about drinking, even though he was here in our treatment facility, as he exclaimed, “It’s gone! It wasn’t like that when I was in the throes of the addiction.”

Michelle’s Story

After multiple visits to the ER, Michelle finally came to grips with the physical toll alcohol was taking on her — and the toll it took on her children. “I was affecting everyone around me. They really were suffering.” She details her other attempts to quit, explaining, “I had a 30-day book that outlined how to quit, but I just waited for those 30 days to end so I could start drinking again.” The support and expertise of the Go Sober team were critical to her success. “I just want to say thank you, and bless you,” she regards with palpable gratitude. “I don’t know if I could have done it without all of these people supporting me.”

Austin’s Story

Five years ago, Austin was at such a low point that he literally could not look at himself in a mirror. Life was so painful that he began questioning if he would live to 40. After researching alcohol programs in Colorado, Austin chose Go Sober because, “…it had a data-driven, sound, and reasonable approach to help me.” The physical and lifestyle changes he made with guidance from our counselors and coaches still affect him today. “I run my own business, I have a beautiful family, and I have a daughter I’m extremely passionate about,” he explains. “And if you told me five years ago, I’d be here, I wouldn’t have believed you.”

Ryan’s Story

Every day, Ryan woke up planning to quit drinking tomorrow. “There’s always a tomorrow,” he reflects, “but 15 years goes by pretty fast.” While in his mid-forties, Ryan was startled to learn that he had the health of someone in his mid-eighties. The relatability of the Go Sober team, many of whom overcame their own struggles with alcohol, truly made a difference. Ryan explains, “My problems, they were already through. They knew. They understood… I just never wanted to think about drinking again… that’s what these people did for me.”